Character Creation

Prior to character creation, players should read The Kingmaker Player’s Guide.

Ability Scores

Ability scores are generated using a 15 point buy. The points must be distributed so that no score is below 9 and no higher than 16 before racial bonuses.
All races are available for play. However, I will be accepting primarily core races.


All classes are available for play. However, keep the amount of immediate actions to a minimum, as they can slow the game down considerably.


One trait and one Tyrantmaker campaign trait.
Players may elect to choose one Drawback (Must have a meaningful impact on the character) to gain an additional trait.

Hit Points

Characters start with maximum hit points at 1st level. Hit points for levels beyond the first may either be rolled, or treated as an average roll for the hit dice.


Characters start with average gold for their class.
Additionally, if you have a rank in one of the following skills: (Craft (Any), Sleight of Hand, Perform (Any), Profession (Any)), you may make a single skill check with your application. The result of the check will be bonus gold you can add to your starting amount.

Finishing Touches


Work up a short description of your character’s appearance and personality as an introduction.


Work up a short background story for your character. Include how he/she obtained their charter, by what means he/she arrived at Oleg’s Trading Post, and the leadership role he/she could and would take on in a kingdom.

House Rules

Check out the House Rules section for a full list of rules particular to this game.

Character Creation

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