New arrivals

Cleaning out the Thorn Ford camp

Moonday 17th of Pharast

So, they left me in charge of the journal for now. I guess that’s fair, got to take turns at the boring stuff and all that… at least until we have someone else to do it for us.

Today, not much happened, really. We did a bit of planning and then we headed off to the south to find the bandits’ raid camp. We didn’t make it there the first day, but that’s according to plan. We played some cards, which revealed that the pale, lanky fellow is a habitual cheat and the blue dendrophile is a stick in the mud. No surprises there.

-Lord Jeremiah Orlovsky Glint

Toilday 18th of Pharast

Well today started more than a little early. Some smuck tried to creep into our camp but tripped over the treehugger’s shrubbery. We made it clear to him that answering our questions was best for his health and convinced him to show us where the raid camp was. Unfortunately for him, he had the less than good sense to try to get us discovered by their sentry, so I knocked him out.

Then we snuck in and Mr. Edgy took out the sentry, we killed all of them save for their leader Kressle. Her we captured, and showed her what Tomas, the Smuck, earned for himself by being a bad boy in order to…. encourage obedience in her. Luckily, she seemed to be receptive to this form of encouragement, so we brought her with us and sentenced her to community service. Community service under my…. command to be specific.

With that over with, we fixed up a wagon of theirs and drove it back towards the trading post, and that’s more or less it.

-Lord Jeremiah Orlovsky Glint

Wealday 19th of Pharast

We got back to the trading post today and as it turns out, there’s a bunch of new arrivals. A soldier-looking fellow named Kestel or some sort, showed up with a few armed peasants who are supposed to be a peace keeping force. While it’s better than what was here before we arrived, and an improvement to have someone to look out for things at the trading post while we’re about our business, any notion that this lot could actually make a dent in the bandit population here is ludicrous to say the least.

There was also a preacher fellow who claims to be on a mission from his god to restore some hut or other that was proclaimed sacred way back in the day. Like as not, he’s just off on his rocker, but if we run across something that looks like his temple we might as well defile it a bit, then direct him to it after the fact. It probably won’t be hard to blame the defiling on the local bandits or kobolds or whatnot.

-Lord Jeremiah Orlovsky Glint


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