Arrival at Oleg's

Settling in

Moonday 24th of Calistril

The party was gathered in Restov for the final signing of their charters. After some brief introductions and explanations, the group of misfits was sent on their way.


The party is strange indeed. A pale, bald man with bloodshot eyes who was dragging around a mule; a blue-hued, white eyed man with a bush for a companion; a red-skinned, horned man with a fierce looking hound; and a shadowy and shady man with an exotic firearm.

Oathday 13th of Pharast

The party arrived at Oleg’s Trading Post shortly before noon.
They were greeted warmly by Svetlana, who had prepared a hearty stew, warm bread, and even opened a bottle of wine, as a thanks for coming to her and her husband’s, Oleg Leveton, aid. Oleg himself was however rather gruff. It was clear to the party that he was not entirely pleased with much.

After listening to the plea of Oleg and Svetlana, the party laid a plan for dealing with the bandits: An ambush. The bandits had no way of knowing about the party, so they would most likely be defenseless.
Oleg explained that the bandits were likely to show up in 3 days time, and that they usually came at noon.

The Plan: Restore the gate to the fort, and prevent the bandits from escaping once they entered the fort. Plant Galliard at the top of the palisades, by one of the catapults, to take care of anyone that might not enter the fort.

Sunday 16th of Pharast

The group of bandits arrived at midday. 4 men with 6 horses, likely as pack-creatures to carry the expected loot.

They were, however, no match for the party. Before the bandits knew what hit them, one was lying, sprawled on the ground outside the fort, knocked down from his horse by a musket-shot. Another was about to run away in fear, frigthened by the pale and bald man Jeremiah’s magicks, and the one behind the frigthened one was tripped by roots springing to life underneath him. It was over before anyone got a chance to react.

The party captured Happs Bydon, whom they took to calling “Whiny” after his moaning and whimpering at his capture. After extracting information from him about the other bandits, they gave him an ultimatum: Serve Oleg as community service, or die. He pragmatically chose the first option, and now serves under Oleg at the trading post.

In return for dealing with the bandit problem, Oleg has offered that the party may stay free of charge in his guest house as long as they want. He and Svetlana will even provide meals for the party for free.


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