Striking gold
Famine and War

Oathday 27th of Pharast

  • Returned to the Kobolt camp.
  • Blue guy started to train and teach the kobolts. The cause – overweight.
  • Travelled south south-east.
  • Came upon gold cave.

- Galliard Bloodmoore

Fireday 28th of Pharast

  • Someone fed the Kobolt during the night.
  • Turns out they were starving under new diet.

- Galliard Bloodmoore

Starday 29th of Pharast

  • Came upon a tree significant enough to be serve as a landmark. Almost withered from the looks of it.
  • The mites under that tree stole the kobolts sacred statue – war started.
  • Decided to help the kobolts win the war.
  • Enter the caverns.
  • Rescue a tortured kobolt.
  • Recovers the statue.
  • Make an arena for the captured mites.
  • Kobolts win.


1 Kobolt eye
1 Giant Centipede
1 Giant flee
20 Mites

- Galliard Bloodmoore

Revised Edition

Mission report: (Old Journal Entry Title)
Rather glaringly, this is utterly lacking in a definition of what the ‘mission’ is. If it is the ‘taming’ of this wild then it is far from finished and as such not really liable for anything but a progress report at most. If it is reaching the kobold clan home then the same applies. If it is the extermination that they nearly managed to get themselves killed doing then it didn’t become a mission at all until during the 3rd day of the report, rendering the first two days’ worth of entries mislabeled.

Oathday 27th of Pharast

  • Returned to the Kobolt camp.
    I do believe it is spelled ‘Kobold’ and also that calling what they have in the clearing a ‘camp’ is doing it a generosity it is scarcely deserving of.
  • Blue guy started to train and teach the kobolts kobolds. The cause – overweight.
    More specifically, he had them run around and do weird jumps and stuff. Rather amusing spectacle to be truthful but also rather pointless in the long run. Putting them to actual work would in all likelyhood have similarly slimming effects while also being productive.
  • Travelled south south-east.
  • Came upon gold cave.
    The term ‘gold cave’ without context implies a cave made entirely from gold. As great as such a discovery would have been that was regrettably not the case. Rather, we found a cave within which was a glittering substance in the wall that our unwitting kobold slaves identified as ‘shine-shine’ which turned out to mean ‘gold’ when translated from ‘idiot’ to common.

-Galliard Bloodmoore (AKA Mr. Edgy) & -Lord Jeremiah Orlovsky Glint

Fireday 28th of Pharast

  • Someone fed the Kobolt kobolds during the night.
    This caused a rather amusing debacle in the following morning though sadly I cannot claim the responsability for this one. It appears the tiefling has uses besides setting things on fire though.
  • Turns out they were starving under new diet.
    And that would be one of the uses of said tiefling. Thankfully, the kobolds proved far too dense to realize that it is rather odd for the resident demon-spawn to know more about kobolds than the ‘dragon’.

-Galliard Bloodmoore (AKA Mr. Edgy) & -Lord Jeremiah Orlovsky Glint

Starday 29th of Pharast

  • Came upon a tree significant enough to be serve as a landmark. Almost withered from the looks of it.
  • The mites under that tree stole the kobolts sacred statue – war started.
    Amusingly, the statue has a striking resemblence to Sir FireFap McTiefling. One has to wonder if the kobolds would’ve ended up leveling worship in our general direction for this reason even if Mr. Edgy’s dragon bluff fell through.
  • Decided to help the kobolts kobolds win the war.
    More like ’decided that the slaves we can communicate with will likely be more useful than the potential slaves that speak only gibberish.
  • Enter the caverns.
  • Rescue a tortured kobolt.
    _Conveniently forget to mention how the lot of you were getting your collective asses handed to you by an oversized bug until I risked a loss of our community service convictee to save you
  • Recovers the statue._
  • Make an arena for the captured mites.
    An arena is about as much an overstatement than the previous use of the word ‘camp’ but be that as it may.
    Kobolts kobolds win.


- 1 Kobolt eye
The loss of which did nothing to improve said kobold’s appearance. On the other hand, it didn’t make it worse either but that might well not have been possible in the first place.
- 1 Giant Centipede
- 1 Giant flee
It’s spelled flea and while I’m not an expert on oversized bugs, I’m rather sure that particular specimen was a tick, seeing as there were no similarly oversized dogs or cats nearby for it to derive sustenance from, as amusing as that would have been.
- 20 Mites

-Galliard Bloodmoore (AKA Mr. Edgy) & -Lord Jeremiah Orlovsky Glint

Tempers and Revenge

Moonday 24th of Pharast – Continued

  • We noticed an old hut. As we explored, discovered an old, crazy man. He ran away from us, escaping through the window.
  • We chose to stay in the hut for the night. The man was gone anyway. We found some edible meat and some mushrooms in his storage, which Kressle prepared for the evening.
  • Later in the evening the man returned. Still hiding, we called him in, offering him a share of the food. Apparently his hunger won out over his fear, for he joined us not long after.
  • We learned that this man was Bokken, whom Oleg had told us a bit about. He makes potions. And apparently some of his shrooms are supposed to be “funny”. Upsetting.
  • We decided to leave during the night, Galliard at the reins and us in the back.

- Zeth Khalir Khealsparn

Toilday 25th of Pharast

  • Nothing worth mention during the night travels.
  • We arrived at Oleg’s Trading Post early in the morning. The Trading Post was already awake.
  • We delivered the radishes to Svetlana, and ate breakfast.
  • Whiny is busy repairing the run-down catapults, while Kesten Garess and his company of guards were loitering about. We were not happy with that.
  • After confronting the guards, we now have a proper watch, and more people repairing catapults.
  • One of the guards, the youngest, appeared far too outspoken. He will be handled.
  • The young guard’s name is Tim. We’ve decided to bring him with us to check out the area of bones to the south-east. Originally this was a job for Whiny, but he seems to be doing well. Tim needs to learn a lesson.
  • Agyen kidnapped Tim during the night, and we are now traveling towards the “bone patch”.
  • We decided to rest a short way away from Oleg’s, making sure we’re all rested for tomorrow.

- Zeth Khalir Khealsparn

Wealday 26th of Pharast

  • Kressle has been talking to Tim. He now seems far less resistant. When presented with the choice of entering the field of bones, or dealing with us, he chose the former.
  • The creature in the area turned out to be a giant spider. Tim lured it out, and we killed it. I accidentally threw some fire Agyen’s shrub, and he got very angry.
  • We’ve decided to go to the Moon Radish Patch to meet up with the kobolds.
  • We have arrived at the Moon Radish Patch.
  • We had to spend the evening attempting to settle the dispute between Agyen and I. It would appear that Agyen is appeased.

- Zeth Khalir Khealsparn

Lay of the land
New allies and moon radishes

Wealday 19th of Pharast – Continued

And so it became my turn to keep a journal on our progress for the time being. I also believe that to be for the best. While Jeremiah did capture the essence of our endeavours, his choice of words and disposition towards nicknames is… rather unique. As for Galliard and Zeth they seem to be more inclined to forget or burn the journal respectively, so I shall try to jot down memorable details as we rest or travel.

The rest of this day passed rather casually at the trading post. We traded the goods we found, made smalltalk with the new guests and then spent the evening doing our separate things.
Kressle noted, upon prodding, that when the Staglord, whom Jeremiah refuses to call anything but King Bambi, notices that their outpost have been looted, he will probably fortify himself within his main encampment. It should be well guarded and provisioned, and will require a password to enter unchallenged. I wager we have a few days left before he even notices, but we have elected to let him fortify while we become more familiar with the lay of the land.

- Agyen Nalita, Treesinger of Verduran

Oathday 20th of Pharast

During breakfast today, Svetlana noted that ‘tis the season for Moon Radish. She and Kressle talked quite highly of a soup made from these radishes, and we decided to gather up a few if we come across them. I have included a sketch of the radish made by Svetlana, but we are bringing Kressle along, so she should be able to point them out, should we come across them.
Svetlana also pointed out that Bokken would be stoping by the outpost soon. Appearently he is a potion maker who lives in the nearby lands, we should consider him if we find ourselves in need, as he may be open to commissions.

Today we also set out to properly map the lands surrounding the trading post, bringing 3 horses and the cart from earlier. We started out towards northwest. Jeremiah is having Kressle ride in the wagon so she can fashion him a dog’s collar whilst we travel. I find it hard to see the purpose of this as he does not have a dog, perhaps he wishes to gift it to Zeth to gain some good will?

Edit: I was wrong, Jeremiah intends for Kressle to wear it. She does not seem positively inclined, but she accepts that it is out of her hands. Jeremiah claims it is to hinder her escaping, but my guess is that this is some quirk of his. I am beginning to doubt the wisdom of us leaving Kressle as his “pet”.

I also found out today that Jeremiah is an excellent violin player, we have begun playing together. If we keep at this I might learn some more orthodox musical pieces.
Before we went to bed we tied Kressle to Brambles for the night, he should be able to hinder her escape, I am beginning to see the point of the leash.

- Agyen Nalita, Treesinger of Verduran

Fireday 21st of Pharast

Today we travel towards the southwest. Whilst travelling Jeremiah have been teaching me notes, although I do find the note names weird. Galliard spent the entire time mapping and making some sort of cartridge. When I inquired to their nature he simply mumbled something about “rapid fire explosions” and continued.

We set camp in the outskirts of the forest we will be exploring tomorrow. During dinner preparations, a bear was attracted by the smell, It was quickly put down and repurposed for food. The skin was exquisite too, but Galliard botched it completely, the imbecile!
More alarmingly is Zeth. I had guessed at his absession with fire from the way he seems to stare into the campfire whenever we set up camp, but today he nearly set the forest ablaze with fiery magic. I will have to keep an eye on him, he does not seem to respect the harmony of a forest at all.

- Agyen Nalita, Treesinger of Verduran

Starday 22nd of Pharast

Today was highly peculiar. We uprooted the camp and moved into the forest, and most of the day passed without any noteworthy events. In the late afternoon however, Kressle noted that she had found a patch of moon radishes. It was complicated, however, since 4 kobolds were resting with apparent tummy aches in the patch.

Rather than to just exterminate them, we chose diplomacy. Galliard is fluent in draconic, so we decided to let him try to reason with them. There was some shouting, but suddenly the kobolds swarmed him; not to attack him, but to worship him. For some reason they start harvesting radishes and hand them to him.

It turns out that he bluffed them into believing that he is a black dragon in disguise. When they saw me he told them that I was a blue dragon, also in disguise. As it stands, the kobolds seem to worship us.

Edit: The kobolds could not accept taking order from Jeremiah as he was no dragon. It was quicly setted with a duel, the kobold was lucky to survive. I still don’t know how they feel about Zeth.

We decided that that 2 of the kobolds should go and prepare their den for our arrival, while we finish exploring. When we have finished, we will return here so the remaining kobolds can guide us to the den.

I have also noted that Kressle seems to be rather pale this evening. I wonder if the is scared of the kobolds? Or perhaps they have contaminated the soil here, and the radishes made her sick? I will be keeping an eye on her condition tomorrow.

- Agyen Nalita, Treesinger of Verduran

Sunday 23rd of Pharast

Today we left the remaining kobolds and ventured onwards to the east. We have left the forest, and are now travelling in flatlands. Around noon we encountered a peculiar area. A circle, about 200 yards in radius, in which bones of various animals and even some humans lay scattered. Jeremiah used some telekinetic magic to poke around in the bones, and I swear I heard some rustling sound. We decided to not venture into the area just now, but we have noted it’s location on the map. We are considering bringing Whiny Happs back here and having him enter the area for us at a later date.

On another, slightly humorous note, I have found the source of Kressles unease. It seems she also fell for Galliards bluff yesterday, and believes that she is indeed held captive by dragons. While this is advantageous, I almost pity the poor woman by now.

- Agyen Nalita, Treesinger of Verduran

Moonday 24th of Pharast

Today we have traversed some marshy areas, but we have now completely mapped the area surrounding the trading post.

We encontered some frog-like creatures bathing in mud. I tried to be diplomatic, but they attacked me when we could not find a means of communication. They were effectively dispatched.

- Agyen Nalita, Treesinger of Verduran

New arrivals
Cleaning out the Thorn Ford camp

Moonday 17th of Pharast

So, they left me in charge of the journal for now. I guess that’s fair, got to take turns at the boring stuff and all that… at least until we have someone else to do it for us.

Today, not much happened, really. We did a bit of planning and then we headed off to the south to find the bandits’ raid camp. We didn’t make it there the first day, but that’s according to plan. We played some cards, which revealed that the pale, lanky fellow is a habitual cheat and the blue dendrophile is a stick in the mud. No surprises there.

-Lord Jeremiah Orlovsky Glint

Toilday 18th of Pharast

Well today started more than a little early. Some smuck tried to creep into our camp but tripped over the treehugger’s shrubbery. We made it clear to him that answering our questions was best for his health and convinced him to show us where the raid camp was. Unfortunately for him, he had the less than good sense to try to get us discovered by their sentry, so I knocked him out.

Then we snuck in and Mr. Edgy took out the sentry, we killed all of them save for their leader Kressle. Her we captured, and showed her what Tomas, the Smuck, earned for himself by being a bad boy in order to…. encourage obedience in her. Luckily, she seemed to be receptive to this form of encouragement, so we brought her with us and sentenced her to community service. Community service under my…. command to be specific.

With that over with, we fixed up a wagon of theirs and drove it back towards the trading post, and that’s more or less it.

-Lord Jeremiah Orlovsky Glint

Wealday 19th of Pharast

We got back to the trading post today and as it turns out, there’s a bunch of new arrivals. A soldier-looking fellow named Kestel or some sort, showed up with a few armed peasants who are supposed to be a peace keeping force. While it’s better than what was here before we arrived, and an improvement to have someone to look out for things at the trading post while we’re about our business, any notion that this lot could actually make a dent in the bandit population here is ludicrous to say the least.

There was also a preacher fellow who claims to be on a mission from his god to restore some hut or other that was proclaimed sacred way back in the day. Like as not, he’s just off on his rocker, but if we run across something that looks like his temple we might as well defile it a bit, then direct him to it after the fact. It probably won’t be hard to blame the defiling on the local bandits or kobolds or whatnot.

-Lord Jeremiah Orlovsky Glint

Arrival at Oleg's
Settling in

Moonday 24th of Calistril

The party was gathered in Restov for the final signing of their charters. After some brief introductions and explanations, the group of misfits was sent on their way.


The party is strange indeed. A pale, bald man with bloodshot eyes who was dragging around a mule; a blue-hued, white eyed man with a bush for a companion; a red-skinned, horned man with a fierce looking hound; and a shadowy and shady man with an exotic firearm.

Oathday 13th of Pharast

The party arrived at Oleg’s Trading Post shortly before noon.
They were greeted warmly by Svetlana, who had prepared a hearty stew, warm bread, and even opened a bottle of wine, as a thanks for coming to her and her husband’s, Oleg Leveton, aid. Oleg himself was however rather gruff. It was clear to the party that he was not entirely pleased with much.

After listening to the plea of Oleg and Svetlana, the party laid a plan for dealing with the bandits: An ambush. The bandits had no way of knowing about the party, so they would most likely be defenseless.
Oleg explained that the bandits were likely to show up in 3 days time, and that they usually came at noon.

The Plan: Restore the gate to the fort, and prevent the bandits from escaping once they entered the fort. Plant Galliard at the top of the palisades, by one of the catapults, to take care of anyone that might not enter the fort.

Sunday 16th of Pharast

The group of bandits arrived at midday. 4 men with 6 horses, likely as pack-creatures to carry the expected loot.

They were, however, no match for the party. Before the bandits knew what hit them, one was lying, sprawled on the ground outside the fort, knocked down from his horse by a musket-shot. Another was about to run away in fear, frigthened by the pale and bald man Jeremiah’s magicks, and the one behind the frigthened one was tripped by roots springing to life underneath him. It was over before anyone got a chance to react.

The party captured Happs Bydon, whom they took to calling “Whiny” after his moaning and whimpering at his capture. After extracting information from him about the other bandits, they gave him an ultimatum: Serve Oleg as community service, or die. He pragmatically chose the first option, and now serves under Oleg at the trading post.

In return for dealing with the bandit problem, Oleg has offered that the party may stay free of charge in his guest house as long as they want. He and Svetlana will even provide meals for the party for free.


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